What is digits?

Whether you’re buying or selling, digits has merchants and consumers covered

Paying with crypto made easy.

Our technology allows the consumer to use their credit or debit card in exactly the same way he or she does today with one critical difference; when the consumer pays with a credit or debit card registered with Digits, payment is made with cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency.

Merchants do not need to change any process in order to accept cryptocurrencies via Digits. The settlement times, processes, and fees, are exactly the same as they experience today. They can enable cryptocurrency without any additional merchant account or agreement.


Use Your Cards to Pay with Crypto

We don't issue any cards. We make paying with your crypto currency easy by giving you the ability to choose crypto as an option for payment anywhere, anytime, any place.

Download the App and Register

Our mobile app allows you to add and delete cards, add your crypto wallets to your cards, and pay for anything, anywhere in real time.

Safe and Secure

Digits will use hash encryption on the 16-digit card number so that Digits never has access to the actual card number. Our API will require the hashing of the 16-digit card number before it is sent to the Digits API

Choose How you Want to pay.

Whether its shopping on amazon or buying goods in town, digits gives you the power to choose whether to pay using your crypto wallet with your card or fiat currency.

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The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Ico Apps

The digits app

The digits app is an an easy-to-use consumer app that allows the authorization of transactions and the modification of account details by the user.

You can use Digits today by using our web app, we will be building specific apps for Android and iOS soon so watch this space:

  • Register a default debit or credit card.
  • Register a default cryptocurrency wallet (like Coinbase).
  • Select the default cryptocurrency to access from within the wallet.
  • Turn on/off Digits so the purchase isn’t paid for with cryptocurrency.
  • Add or delete cards
  • Change user settings and preferences.
  • Get notifications in real time that a purchase was made.
  • Get notifications in real time when the crypto transaction is funded.
  • Get a receipt of cryptocurrency withdrawn, exchange rates and fees.


The Digits API is a REST API built for simplicity and easy implementation. It will allow any registered website with our token to communicate transactions to our API.

Our API connects the consumer’s wallet to the transaction and to the Hedge Lending Network™ in real time, allowing the authorization, debit, lending and settlement of the transaction to occur immediately.


The Hedge Lending Network™ is a real-time marketplace optimized by artificial intelligence to choose the best outcome for both consumer and lender in real time. The marketplace will not be able to achieve peak efficiency until the learning algorithms have enough data to make predictions, and we believe existing hedging and lending algorithms can be optimized to provide best in class matching across the marketplace with artificial intelligence increasing our efficiency over time.


The consumer will be able to access multiple crypto wallets and currencies, and later in the product map we plan to build a least cost routing algorithm that optimizes any cryptocurrency liquidation to optimize for tax impact by automatically choosing the currencies in the wallet that have the lowest tax burden based upon purchase date and value increase.


Digits is designed to have the minimum impact on our integrated partners. We will provide a wide range of plugins which will allow millions of e-commerce sites to integrate with us without any friction. What makes Digits so simple is that we do not require any new information, fields or processes to be implemented on the frontend in order to allow customers to pay via crypto payment.


Digits API simply sits between the merchant and their shopping cart software or the merchant and their payment gateway. The only change that happens in the software platform or payment gateway is an API call that is first made to Digits to see if the card entered is a match with a Digits user. The call to the Digits API will contain a hashed version of the credit or debit card number for security purposes. Our system will check each credit or debit card entered against our registered cards. If a match is found, it determines if the consumer has enough Cryptocurrency to perform the transaction instantaneously. If so, it requests transaction approval from the consumer.


We will create a number of seamless plugins that are compatible with the leading e-commerce platforms in the world. This will allow us to integrate with the millions of merchants that transact on these platforms without any integration overhead. Initially, we will support: WooCommerce, Magento and BigCommerce


Platforms like Shopify, Freshbooks and UpWork are used by thousands of merchants via a single piece of software functionality. These platforms can integrate into our simple API that will enable cryptocurrency payments across their entire merchant base.


The four largest payment gateways process 70% of all US transactions. Implementing Digits at this level will automatically allow millions of merchants to process cryptocurrency as easily as a credit or debit card.


As a payment company we take security very seriously, and while we do not need to adhere to PCI compliance (as we are not storing any credit or debit card information) we will always endeavor to exceed the security recommendations in the PCI compliance process. Our team has extensive security and PCI compliance experience so we will always aim to keep all data and personal information secure. Also, where possible, Digits will always operate in a SSL environment on a well-known and secure distributed cloud network.


Digits will use hash encryption on the 16-digit card number so that Digits never has access to the actual card number. Our API will require the hashing of the 16-digit card number before it is sent to the Digits API.

Digits only checks the hash of the user’s entered card and the hash of the card being authorized. We never touch or store any card details or personal information which takes us out of PCI compliance.


All transactions are authorized by the user, therefore, there is likely to be a substantial reduced in fraud and chargebacks, which could be seen as an added merchant benefit.

The Hedge Lending Network™

Paying with crypto made easy.

The Hedge Lending Network™ is a real-time marketplace optimized by artificial intelligence to choose the best outcome for both consumer and lender in real time.

Digits Hedge Lending Network™ is set up through a number of Ethereum Erc20 smart contracts that are automatically designed to trigger when a purchase is made, then settled, then liquidated, or held in escrow to help the consumer to wait a year or more thus avoiding short-term capital gain tax.

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